packaging and shipping

Visionary Solutions has partnered with TAG Technical Solutions (TTS) a

small business providing specialty Department of Transportation (DOT) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) compliant shipping containers to US government and commercial nuclear customers for the packaging and transport of low-level radioactive materials.

Packaging and Shipping

Together, we offer Type A shielded transportation casks to meet commercial and government needs for the safe and secure transport of radioactive wastes. Our most recent acquisition includes a tanker system, the BLT-3500 which enables Visionary Solutions to transport contaminated oils and tritiated water to approved treatment, storage and disposal facilities. This equipment supports critical nuclear utility operations including outage support, high dose rate equipment disposition and other radioactive waste disposal.

Visionary Solutions also provides subject matter experts with experience in defining waste packaging and shipping specifications to ensure that shipments meet necessary DOT and other Federal, state, or local requirements. In addition, through a strategic partnership with another small business, Visionary Solutions has the ability to offer design and fabrication of other nuclear transport and storage containers. Vs has maintained positive business relationships with multiple treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) nationwide and is knowledgeable and respectful of their waste acceptance criterias.

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