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Reclamation & Recycling Services

Communities and corporations today are focused on being “environmentally friendly.” They are striving to reuse or recycle used products and materials to minimize the amount of waste that is being disposed of in our landfills. This commitment to “Zero Landfill” is a tough challenge because options are very limited for some waste streams, such as plastics (including medical waste), pharmaceutical waste, and rubber. Medical and pharmaceutical waste poses one of the more significant challenges. Some medical wastes contain certain highly toxic compounds, such as those used in chemotherapy, as well as materials that are hazardous to the public such as used needles. These materials are subject to special regulation under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as well as additional rules in many states. With the restrictions being placed on autoclaves and incineration, few alternatives exist to successfully treat and render harmless this type of material.


Visionary Solutions is implementing a two-part recycling process, designed to achieve the goal of “Zero Landfill.”  Rather than just a hypothetical “go green” alternative, this will be a real system working daily to eliminate waste in its entirety by converting it into a renewable energy source. Through two strategic partnerships;


Helping America Find Better Solutions for:

• Plastics recycling

• Converting wastes to oil or clean diesel fuel





Industrial Services


Visionary Solutions is providing industrial services from fabrication and construction through remediation and demolition.


Services include:

• Steel container and component fabrication – designing and building specialty containers for sensitive and contaminated


• Underground utility installation, removal and site preparation

• Ready mix concrete (portable and fixed site)

• Remediation

• Dismantling, demolition, and material/asset recovery


Our commitment to safety and quality is integral to our culture and how we do business daily.  We base our performance on well developed. Formal programs that incorporate, and often exceed, best practices while setting new industry standards. We strongly believe that the safety of our staff, subcontractors, clients and site surroundings is our most important goal. We promote an accident-free workplace and "safety first" philosophy.


Through our small business partnerships VS offers a reliable and comprehensive service for government facilities.

Visionary Solutions provides training and technical services including job and life skills training – everything from driving a truck or an ambulance, to learning how to run a business, to handling hazardous waste. Our training programs can be provided in your space or in ours, or we can deploy our mobile training trailer.


Our training programs include:

• Hazardous Materials General Awareness

• Transport of Hazardous Materials

• Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

• Emergency Preparedness

• Driver Awareness

EMS/Fire/Law Enforcement Simulation Training

• Business Management and Leadership Skills:

   o Mentoring for Small Businesses

   o Conflict Resolution & Leadership

   o Capture & Proposal Development

   o Business administration


One of our core training programs is our hazardous and radioactive material transport training, including U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved hazardous materials endorsement for Commercial Drivers. We have provided this training to a variety of federal and state clients including FedEx Custom Critical, U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Civil Response Teams, and the Tennessee Valley Authority.


We are currently building a training system for deployment in communities of need, to assist individuals in obtaining skills training in areas of significant demand, such as truck drivers. We leverage partnerships across the country to deliver a comprehensive program that offers students not only the specific technical skills required, but also the basic life skills, such as budget management, conflict resolution, and business development.

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