VTTS provides research and planning for transportation and logistics. Our staff works closely with the federal transportation research board as a subcontractor to the hazardous materials in-transit research initiative.

Our QA program provides specific requirements for how line management integrates QA, Security and Worker Safety and Health into all aspects of project activity towards a goal of zero accidents, incidents and defects. We have satisfactorily implemented our program into various federal, state, and local government projects providing project management, transportation and delivery of specialized materials over the past twelve years. By applying specific requirements toward training, controlled documentation and procedures, inspections, assessments and audit functions as management tools we ensure all project activities are executed in a quality manner that meets or exceeds contractual requirements, protects workers and ensures public health and safety.


The VS program requires assessments and audits to be scheduled to meet project contractual requirements in accordance with written procedures and checklists. These assessments evaluate (implementation of safety and quality, preventive maintenance activities, safety compliance, tracking of corrective actions, etc.) Our project managers interface and communicate daily with the client and technical monitors to address concerns regarding safe and compliant project delivery. Our internal project auditors also provide external audits for quality and safety on a consulting basis.

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