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Who Needs Driver Awareness:

 •Government contractors either checking or working on projects that typically require leaving early in the mornings and returning late in the evening as overtime seems to be a way of life.

•Communication and copy service personnel spend 25% of the working week driving to and from job sites.

•Field Representatives for large corporations typically spend 50% of their work time driving company owned vehicles.

•Service support personnel usually spend 30% of their working time driving from gasoline quick markets servicing equipment.

•Company representatives checking on products in grocery stores and retail outlets spend 3-4 hours a day driving a company vehicle.

•Sales and Business Development Representatives can spend up to 60% of their time over-the-road for client networking and sales calls.


Training Complies with Recommended Safe Driving Work Practices for the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA)

We've provided tailored hazardous (hazmat) and radioactive material (RAM) transport training to a variety of federal and state clients including FedEx Custom Critical, the Department of Energy, the FBI, and TVA. Our courses offer a focus on the fundamentals of transporting hazmat and RAM in preparation of the CDL w/ Hazmat endorsement while also emphasizing corporate and other regulatory requirements for safety, driver preparedness, and response.




Special transport preparedness courses are designed to provide a series of RAM instructional modules that enable attendees to become capable of accepting federal and NRC regulated RAM freight.




Various topics are introduced during specialized transport training including but not limited to:

 • 49 CFR Subpart H Training 172.700

•  Radiation Detection

•  Equipment and Practical Exercises

•  RAM driver training

•  Highway Route Controlled Quantities

•  Secuirty plan training per 172.800 Subpart I

•  RAD Protection Programs


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