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As one of two small business Prime Transportation Contractors,VS, an MCEP approved motor carrier, provides transportation and logistics services to transport specialized containers. VS interfaces on a daily basis with the DOE Carlsbad Field Office (CBFO) Transportation Manager and the WIPP Shipping Coordination Office to review transport schedules, generator site specific information and changes necessitated by weather, traffic, construction or other impediments to the shipping schedule.  VS implements established Safety and Quality Assurance programs designed to include a compliant safety system, and continual assessment.


The TRU Transportation Services contract is a highly visible, extremely complex and very important project to the Department of Energy Environmental Management Program. DOE has established relationships with various stakeholders including the Western Governors Association (WGA), state and tribal authorities for the safe and secure transport of TRU materials across the United States along specifically approved routes.  This program has many complex requirements including highly specific communication protocols, stringent requirements for CVSA inspection standards and Department of Transportation requirements for the transport of hazardous and radioactive materials on the nation’s highway system. To accomplish this scope, VS provides a project management team including terminal staff and transportation professionals for direct interface with DOE-CBFO, DOE generator site and prime contractors.  VS understands the challenges of adhering to schedules, maintaining complex Government furnished equipment and providing safe and effective transportation operations along diverse transit environments.

“VS has continued to provide exceptional maintenance service on government furnished trailers. “…they have been able to bring in highly qualified personnel to maintain a high quality of service.” “Numerous modifications to the RH trailer fleet were accomplished during the WIPP maintenance outage that will be of great benefit to the program.” CPARS Evaluation, dated 02/16/11


VS began performance as a small business prime contractor to the Department of Energy, Carlsbad Field Office for the TRU Transportation Services Contract in September 2007 and has since then, been awarded a continuing contract in 2011. VS continues to strive for the safest and highest quality of transportation services for this contract today.


We are responsible for transporting TRU waste from across the DOE complex nationwide on the TRU Transportation Services Contract. VS owns and maintains 15 specially equipped; exclusive tractors, and manages 26 drivers for this project based in Carlsbad, New Mexico.


We have successfully coordinated and delivered over 5,000 shipments on the TRU transport campaign to date.


VS offers a secure terminal for the transportation of special material and manages the transport of both contact handled and remote handled transuranic wastes. Management responsibilities include providing approved facilities, personnel, and equipment for the TRU project.

TRU Transportation Services, WIPP

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