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Visionary Solutions provides warehousing and logistics support. We currently maintain a 9.25 acre terminal with three secure warehouses and two open storage areas. To date, the terminal is used to house our fleet of tractors and trailers, as well as our nuclear transportation casks. Visionary Solutions also has our own rail spur providing storage and transportation services for secure rail shipments and containers.


Our personnel provide facility and operations management experience, managing and coordinating logistics for automotive manufacturers and transportation fleets. We offer hands-on expertise to manage your complex operations and logistics projects, from parts distribution to warehousing and just-in-time delivery.


Visionary Solutions is available to meet both government and commercial needs for logistics and warehousing and maintains various software and personnel resources to provide product sorting, accurate inventory control, and warehousing storage capacity for multiple components, goods in progress, and rebuilt finished product.




Warehousing & Logistics

Secure Tracking & Monitoring

Visionary Solutions has a strategic partnership with TrakLok to provide secure locking and tracking for shipments of any type. Our services include:

• Ruggedized locking device to secure loads

• 24/7 satellite tracking and monitoring with real time communication

• Customized training for employees and drivers, including workshops, drills, and full-

   scale exercises


Together, Visionary Solutions and TrakLok provide clients with turnkey transportation and tracking services for their high profile, high risk shipments achieving:

• Improved operations through turnkey logistics, from packaging to final destination

• Real-time visibility all day, every day

• Loss prevention

• Chain of custody and product integrity


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